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Upgrading Your Desktop RAM (The Easy Way)

Lenovo ThinkCentre M710T Desktop PC

Adding more memory to your computer can greatly improve it’s performance, learn how to add more Random Access Memory to your Windows Computer here.

Most of us now a days have multiple devices like a Laptop, tablet or a smart phones, there are many ways to get to the Internet and some times there is no need to use your Desktop computer, if you notices, through out the years your computer tends to get slower and slower and sometimes you feel there is a need to stop using it or get a new one, today I am going to show you a quick and easy way to add more RAM to your Desktop computer and bring it back to life, one of the main reasons people use a desktop computer is because how comfortable is to sit down in a desk with a full size keyboard and pay your bills, do your taxes or write a document, there is still a big need for a Desktop computer and I am going to show you in very easy steps how to add more memory to it.

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What features you should look for in a good Windows Laptop?

If you have had a laptop for a long time you may have probably noticed that loading websites and creating documents is getting slower, it takes a long time for your computer to boot up and you are getting a lot of Windows errors, this can be an issue and at times it is not worth upgrading or repairing your computer, yeah there are things that you can do to your laptop to keep it running like adding more RAM or upgrading your hard drive to an SSD but at times you just need to move on and get the benefits of new hardware and a new operating system like Windows 10, today we are going to discuss what options are out there for you as far as laptops goes and what are the features that you should be looking for as well.

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