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Desktop mother board and fan

Become an Expert in Laptop Motherboard Repair

Have you ever wondered how much money can be made fixing laptops and desktop? The answer to this is, a lot! The thing that most people do not get, is that the money in computers is in the repairs, maintenance and upgrades. People buy computers but the hardware itself is not really that expensive, there is very little profit in selling a computer, when you look at big companies like Dell, Microsoft and HP, they provide SERVICES that computer users need, if they made money only on the hardware these companies would be bankrupt.

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Plum Computer Repair Can Help

Learn how to repair, maintain and upgrade your Windows laptop and desktop computers for free with our tutorials.

Plum Computer Repair was created to help our visitors with their computer repair issues, I am computer tech with many years of experience and here I am going to show you easy ways that you can fix your computer for free, every week I am going to be posting information that is easy to follow with pictures that will allow you to keep your computer running without paying anyone a lot of money, our free tutorials will show you step by step ways that you can resolve any Windows issues, I will also show you how to upgrade your computer and get rid of Viruses.

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