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Should you turn off your laptop while it is running Windows Updates?

No matter if you have Windows 7 or Windows 10, running updates is very important to keep your computer running smoothly and with no errors, Windows Updates allows your computer to ping back to the Microsoft servers and find available updates for your computer, there are many updates that come to your computer like Security Patches, Microsoft Office improvements and hardware fixes, there are all kinds of computer users now a days and some people have laptops, others have desktops and even tablets, when it comes to a desktop there are usually no issues because the updates run in the background while the computer is being used, even if the computer goes to sleep, Windows updates will continue to run, in the case of a tablet the answer is the same, Windows updates will run no matter if the screen is off, for example the Microsoft Surface is considered an hybrid, this device is a laptop and it is also a tablet and technically the Surface is on all the time.

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