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Blue Screen of Death

Fix the Windows 10 Sad Face Blue Screen (HP Computer)

Are you getting the infamous “Windows 10 Sad Face” blue screen? Usually when this happens you get an error message that says “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then you can restart”

Once it finishes you get a “100% complete” and a QR code for you to scan, just like the image shows above, you’ll get a link to and a stop code WDF VIOLATION.

This error can happen with just about any manufacturer by the way, I have seen it on HP Laptops and Desktops, Dell computers, Acer and Lenovo.

There are many reasons why this happens, today we are going to give you troubleshooting steps to resolve some of the most common reasons why you receive this Windows error message. The reasons for getting these errors are based on my own personal experience, I have found that these are the reasons why people get a blue screen on their computer and this is what you can do to prevent them.

Bad Sectors on your Hard Drive

One of the most common reasons why you get a blue screen is because there is an issue with your hard drive, as you install applications, delete files or add files to your hard drive there is a big possibility that you could have a corrupt sector on your hard drive, another big cause for hard drive failures is because of a power outage or forcing your computer to shut down, I always recommend that you buy a battery backup to protect your computer and files, you can purchase one here.  If you suspect to have bad sectors on your computer I recommend that you run ScanDisk on your computer.

Malware or Adaware got on your Computer

As we spend time on the Internet and we browse through hundreds of websites every week there is a possibility that your computer got infected with Malware or has Adaware installed on it, these applications do not always get picked up by your antivirus simply because they do not behave like one, for the most part the goal of these applications is to serve you with advertisements or track what you do on your computer, the issue is that in most cases they are extremely aggressive and they can damage your Windows Operating System, in such case I would run a virus scan first using your installed Antivirus application and then I would download the paid version of Malwarebytes to eliminate any Adaware or Spyware that got installed on your computer.

Bad Memory Stick RAM for your Laptop or Desktop

One more common reason for getting the Windows 10 sad face on your HP laptop or desktop computer is due to a bad memory stick, now a days computers have RAM chips that are required to perform at very fast speeds, things like heat can damage these memory sticks causing your computer to blue screen, if you have a desktop most likely you will have a DDR memory stick and if you have a laptop you will have a DIMM chip, on both cases it is very easy to replace it and you can buy more on Tigerdirect and test it out, as I mentioned before these memory sticks are very fragile and can be easily replaced at a very low cost, they are also very easy to remove and re-install. I recommend trying to resolve the issue first using the first two steps that I gave you above, if the issue persists then most likely you have a damaged or defective RAM chip installed on your computer.

Kingston - DDR4 - 16GB - SO-DIMM 260-pin

Not only replacing your laptop memory will stop the blue screens from happening, but it is also a great opportunity to get an upgrade, now a days most laptops require 16 GB to be able to run all of the applications and stream videos at the highest quality possible.

Laptop Repair

5 Common Questions Tech Support Agents Receive

If you thought tech support guys have a cool job as all they have to do is to listen to technical problems of the customers and solve them (which they can, usually), forget it.

They are professionals who say they are one of the most harried ones. And why do they say so? Because they have to deal with some of the least experienced people when it comes to computers which becomes clear when one looks at the transcripts of the questions asked and their replies.

Though it is simply impossible to categorize inexperienced from top to bottom as even the worst questions to a tech guy may look like a normal question to someone who is not into computers, this article tries to look into some of the questions that would put to shame and some people hate to ask.

Tech guys dread calls from customers who do not have a clue as to why they are facing the problem. It becomes a headache for tech guys to make customers press some keys on their keyboards as they take an eternity to find backspace, enter, and even alphabets as if they have sat on a computer for the first time.

One of the most common questions to tech support guys seems to be slowness of computers. Almost a quarter of customers ask, why is my computer running slow? Now a tech support guy doesn’t know the programs you have installed as well as the anti virus you are running. How is he supposed to tell the reason behind the slowness of your system?

Callers are both belligerent as well as ignorant and cannot follow the simplest of instructions given by tech guys to resolve the problems they are facing. This naturally infuriates the tech guys though they have to remain cool trying hard to make people do what they want them to. Often there is quarreling between customers and tech guys as tech guys want customers to move at their speed while customers get irritated as they cannot grasp the instructions at a speed demanded by tech guys.

Sometimes the customers are so inexperienced that they do not know a thing about the drive where CD has to be inserted and they cannot look at the plug of the keyboard or the mouse behind the CPU if they are facing problems with these devices. One has to listen to the questions and later responses from customers to learn top 5 questions tech support guys receive.

So what’s one easy way to eliminate the mean tech support guy or the customer who does not understand the questions that are being asked? As you already might know, most of the issues that computer users have is because of Malware or Spyware that they might have caught on their computer, a very easy solution to this is for the customer to install Malwarebytes on their computer, the application is very affordable and it will eliminate long wait times on the phone and a ton of headaches, get your copy below and receive a discount today.

Eliminate Virus

Scan your computer

Desktop mother board and fan

Become an Expert in Laptop Motherboard Repair

Have you ever wondered how much money can be made fixing laptops and desktop? The answer to this is, a lot! The thing that most people do not get, is that the money in computers is in the repairs, maintenance and upgrades. People buy computers but the hardware itself is not really that expensive, there is very little profit in selling a computer, when you look at big companies like Dell, Microsoft and HP, they provide SERVICES that computer users need, if they made money only on the hardware these companies would be bankrupt.

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