24inch screen: qhd 75hz Vs hd 144hz ?



im a casual gamer who ONLY plays single player FPS’s like Far Cry 5, Metro Exodus, etc. I don’t do any multiplayer gaming or eSports.

I just bought a new rig: 10th gen i5, 16gb, gtx1660super6gb. Now I need a screen. Ive only got space and budget for a 24 inch screen, up to circa £220.

Lenovo do an IPS for £180 with a qhd screen BUT only 75hz. I like the sound of the qhd screen but all the chat Ive seen prioritises refresh rate over resolution.

I don’t think I can afford a 144hz qhd monitor, so, should I get the qhd 75hz or go for a 144hz FHD instead ?

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