Asrock X570 Taichi 4-pin CPU


I am upgrading my over 10 year old PC so it’s been a while since I played with the internals of a PC (mobility was more important than flat out power, but now I’m in need of power). I purchased a Ryzen 9 3950XT and Asrock X570 Taichi motherboard with plans to upgrade the CPU in about a year when the 5000 series matures. I am hoping to reuse my old Thermaltake 750W PSU which is still rocking along.

I am just realizing that besides the standard 8-pin CPU connector, the Mobo has an extra 4-pin CPU connector. My old PSU does not have any extra CPU connections, just the one 8-pin and 24-pin.

I’ve read around that the 4-pin is “optional” however the Asrock manual simply states to connect the 4-pin. Nothing about optional. Anybody with this mobo have any experience?

My other thought is, I do have a suite of de-pinning and soldering tools and that I would take a 6-pin PCI cable and re-wire it 4-pin CPU. It’s all 12v right? It’s just the pins are different. Thoughts?

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