Asus anti-surge shuts down pc on only one game.


Hello! I am new here. So first off i have tried everything and googled this issue. My setup is: I7-6700k stock speeds, 980ti gigabyte, 16gb 2666mhz Corsair Vengeance, Z170-WS, Seasonic focus GX-650 modular. The psu itself is 1 month old since i upgraded it from silverstones low end psu.
The issue im having is that while playing 7 days to die after like 5 minutes my pc shutsdown immediately and while posting shows that Asus Antisurge was triggered. It only does this on this game. It never does this on Apex legends or like in Squad. I ran stresstest for both CPU and GPU for 15 minutes. GPU was max 75c and cpu steady 65-61c. I used Prime95 and furmark to do this. It didnt crash. Could this be software error in the game itself? Like i said in other games it works really well. Not a single crash in 6 hour gaming but in 7dtd it takes only 5 minutes. Sorry for grammar errors since i am not native speaker :) Number