Best Work From Home WIFI Routers and Extenders


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Working from appears to be the new normal and now more than ever is very important to have a good quality WIFI router, specially if your job requires that you appear in Microsoft Teams or Skype calls. If you have a WiFi router that does not meet your speed needs you will experience lag and dropped calls when trying to connect with your co-workers.

Here is a great video that will help you decide which router or repeater works best for you, a WiFi router will allow you to connect to the Internet without the need for cables, a repeater will allow you to extend your connection and have better signal across your house.

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More WiFi coverage from my router?

I would like to know how I can get more WiFi coverage from my router. Please if someone knows or should I buy an antenna with a longer range, which one would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

If you are currently working from home, you will find yourself asking what is the best WIFI router or extender so you can get the best speeds, now that you are working remote you want to be able to do video calls and talk to your coworkers, watch the video and find out what the best WIFI routers and extenders are.

WIFI Exender
WIFI Access

To get a long distance WiFi signal what you need is a good long-range antenna, which you can buy at a computer store for about $50 dollars, you have some very good ones that have a range which will give you the speeds and range that you need for working away from the office.

I had bought my wireless routers online and I was impressed so when a friend asked me for a good one I did not hesitate to recommend a router that I have seen, it was just what I wanted, excellent quality to a good price, always the best choice to buy a good router. Number