BSODing for years but now cant play games for more than 15 mins without crashing


Hello I seem to have a long lasting problem where my pc always blue screened for a reason or a another but I have noticed the problem became unbearable and much more intense.

After I moved from my old crooked case to a new one, I noticed some weird hardware things; the gpu sags a lot and I kind of was rough with the mobo after my gpu jammed to the pcie, and have the CPU cooler heatpipes close to my ram. that’s all hardware.

on the software side there’s some minidump files I have used driver verifier for, the newest two files I did after uninstalling the bus driver for DS3 and reseated my gpu and ram after the 1st minidump named 100220. the newest two files should be kernel dump’s that start with 10042 here:

the most popular crash I get is “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL”, “SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION”, “memory management” and “ntoskrnl.exe” I appreciate you guy’s help, I need it. Number