Building your HTML and Wordpress business website on a budget


Host your HTML Website

If you have an online presence and promoting a product or service to make money, the last thing you want is to have a web host that charges more than you can afford. In this age of intense competition, cheap HTML hosting is the order of the day as more and more websites come up and web hosting companies vie with each other to grab their attention. This is beneficial for site owners as they are getting efficient and reliable services at down to earth prices. However, trying to identify the web host that is ideal for one’s requirements can prove to be a tough job especially when all of them seem to be offering similar services at affordable rates.

With passage of time and technological advances, prices of web hosting have come down it has become a matter of a few dollars only per month to have one’s site up and going. However, one should be beware of cheapest HTML hosting as it may get you nowhere with the only benefit accruing being a few dollars only. There are a few questions to ask the web hosting service provider to determine the best company for your requirements.

Find out the disk space you will be getting in the plan that is being offered. You may need more than what is offered if you are the owner of shopping site or you make use of multimedia files that take up a lot of disk space.

Ask about data transfer speeds if this is of prime concern to you. Many video sharing sites require faster sharing speeds as low data transfer speed drives away visitors to the site. Sites that give away music for free also need faster data transfer speeds.

If you are running affiliate programs, you obviously need add on domains. So it is better to know beforehand how many websites you will be allowed per account. This facility means you pay for a single account but get a facility to host many sites.

Cheap HTML hosting is good, but it is not sufficient. More crucial; is the kind of support you are getting from the host in times of technical snags. If you are a novice, you will require help and guidance every now and then. It is better to check if the host has the kind of support you will require.

Of the many options for cheap hosting you have today, Hostgator (coupon) is one that is well known for its excellent services and outstanding features. Founded in 2002, this privately owned company is today hosting more than half a million sites in all parts of the world which is proof enough of its popularity. Hostgator has scores of attractive plans to suit all budgets and virtually all requirements. If inexpensive hosting coupled with all round support and excellent features is what you are looking at, Hostgator is well worth giving a try. Number