Building Your Own PC? How About A Computer Case With Handles!


Computer Case With Handles

Building your own computer can be a fun project, when you buy your own parts and set it up the way you want can be also great for your own experience, especially if you are considering working in an I.T related field, today I want to share with you a pretty cool computer case with handles that I bought online, it has a lot of features that I liked and it looks great, plus it has handles which helps, specially if you are moving it around or transporting it. Here are the features.

SilverStone Technology Mini-ITX Slim Small Form Factor Computer Case with Handle ML08B-H

So SilverStone Technologies makes this computer case with handles, color is black and this is a Slim Form Factor PC case.

You can get this case for under $100 dollars FREE shipping.

It is rated 4 starts online and people who have bought it are very happy with it.

For you gamers out there, this computer case with handles supports video cards up to 13 inches, it has slots for your mother board, your RAM and your SSD hard drive.

Setting this computer case requires no tools and it is very easy to setup.

This computer case with handles fits pretty much anywhere, add a wireless card and eliminate the need for extra network cables or adapters.

One of the things that I really like about this computer case is that it is very well built, it does not feel cheap and it is very sturdy, not only will this computer case with handles will last for a long time, but it will also look great, this is a great design if you are building a gaming computer, specially because of the fact that it has great air distribution as well.

The size on this case is just perfect, since it has handles it makes it very easy to move around and even carry with you if you want to take it somewhere else, the form factor works great with my system board and I can fit all of my devices with no issues.

As far as how it looks once you receive it, I was surprised at the fact that the case it is actually not that big, the picture makes it look big but in reality it is not, it is the size of a large computer case but not as big as the old style computer cases, this computer case with handle will work on every area no matter if you put it underneath a desk or behind a large monitor.

Some of the cons that I noticed was that some of the corners are a bit sharp, you have to be careful when you are building your computer since it is easy to cut yourself, now let’s be honest, if you have build a computer from scratch no matter if it has handles or not, the computer cases are usually sharp, there are parts that can cut you so just be careful when building and installing your electronics.

Overall, this is a great computer case if you are on a budget, the case handles are made out of plastic and you will like it if you consider that you are paying less than a hundred bucks, there are other cases out there but this one gets a thumbs up from me. Number