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Prevent a computer virus

3 The Reasons Why You Need To Download Malwarebytes Right Now

When it comes to computers and computer repairs not many people talk about protecting your data and your documents. You spend your entire life taking pictures and creating valuable documents that you have saved on this computer that is connected to the Internet, imagine waking up one day to find out that your computer is infected with a virus or you caught ransomware and you can no longer access your files, what a nightmare and it could happen to you.
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How to Protect your Computers Against a Power Surge

Computer battery backups come in all shapes and sizes, there are many brands out there like APC, Cyberpower and Trip Lite, these BBU’s are manufactured for different purpose like printers, desktop computers and even servers, they also are design to resolve certain problems and to provide different solutions depending on the level of protection that you need for your personal needs or business.
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Plum Computer Repair Can Help

Learn how to repair, maintain and upgrade your Windows laptop and desktop computers for free with our tutorials.

Plum Computer Repair was created to help our visitors with their computer repair issues, I am computer tech with many years of experience and here I am going to show you easy ways that you can fix your computer for free, every week I am going to be posting information that is easy to follow with pictures that will allow you to keep your computer running without paying anyone a lot of money, our free tutorials will show you step by step ways that you can resolve any Windows issues, I will also show you how to upgrade your computer and get rid of Viruses.

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