Faulty GPU or faulty PSU?



So today I tried to play cold war and it just crashed my pc. It didnt turn on for a few minutes – so probably overheating issue. I tried a lot of things over and over again, couldnt quite find the issue until my graphics card stopped working. It definetly is broken now, fans not spinning, worked the first few times when it crashed though. Temps were about 70 degrees while launching the game on my 5 year old 980 ti.
My question is, is it possible that my graphics card was the problem maker all along? Or would a gpu crash have either freezed or did something else instead of complete shutdown without turning on again?
When I start my pc now without the graphics card, everything works fine exept I dont get any signal from on board graphics on my B350M Pro Vdh – didnt get those before everything happened either though.

thanks in advance!

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