Fixing Blue Screens After a Windows Update


Blue Screen Windows Update

How many times have you been excited about a new Windows Update or an introduction to new OS features to then get a blue screen right after the updates complete, this can be a very frustrating situation, luckily there are several things that you can do to fix this issue.

When you get a Blue Screen of Death not only do you lose the ability to work but also you might lose access to your data, things like personal files, documents, photos and music are very important to you and the last thing that you want to do is not be able to recover these files.

Here are some possible solutions to your Windows Blue Screen after a Windows 10 update

Blue Screen After Updating Windows 10

Eve though there are many Windows 7 users out there (if you are one of them you need to upgrade your Operating System or Computer ASAP – Check out if you would like to buy Windows 10 or you can upgrade your computer, HP has good deals on Elitebook Laptops) today we are going to focus mostly on Windows 10 computer users, a very common issue that I am seeing in 2020 and will likely see in 2021 is getting blue screens after running Windows Updates, they happen usually because of a corrupt registry key or entry, this can be easily solved with a Windows 10 system restore or system recovery, here is how to restore your computer to a working condition:

Windows 10 Recovery:

Stop codes are important, before deciding system restore will work for you, make sure to take a note of any stop codes during the “smiley face blue screen of death” a lot of people will take a picture with their smartphone, Windows will also provide a bar code that can be searched online so you can find a solution depending on what the error is.

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Sad face Blue Screen is now what most Windows 10 users are getting, this can be very confusing because it looks a little different from the old Windows 7 blue screen however as mentioned before, pay attention to the stop code or write it down so you can later search for the solution as there could literally be hundreds of different error codes.

If you get a NTFS system error most likely there is an issue with your hard drive, if you have an older laptop or desktop there is a good chance that you have a corrupt sector in your hard drive or your hard drive could be failing, I highly recommend that you back up your data to an external SSD Drive or to at the least back up to a USB flash drive or DVD if your computer has a DVD writer.

Corrupt device drivers, only download from manufacturer website

If you recently installed a new video card or some other hardware and your computer blue screens right after updating your device drivers there could be a few reasons why you received an error message while booting up, the most common one is that your computer downloaded the wrong device driver or that you downloaded the driver from a malicious website, it is also possible that the version is out of date, to solve this remove the newly added piece of hardware and go to the manufacture website and download the driver version that matches your version of the operating system.

Critical blue screen errors initialization failed will also happen if your hard drive no longer has an operating system or if it’s corrupt, to fix this there is a good change that you’ll need to start a Windows Recovery or System Restore, in the worse case scenario you will need to reinstall your operating system, here is how:

Windows 10 Recovery Options:

System Restore and hard disk check might be needed if a system recovery is not an option for you.

Blue Screen During Windows 10 Updates

Blue screen errors are one of the most serious types of error that your system can show. They are basically the result of Windows not being able to process the settings or options that your computer requires to operate, and is consequently one of the biggest causes of problems for the entire Windows system. Because Windows XP is many years old, it’s got a lot of potential problems that can lead the “blue screen errors” to appear – making it vital that you’re able to get rid of these errors in the most effective way to ensure that they do not show again.

Basically, if you are experiencing blue screen errors on your computer, there will be some sort of serious problem inside which needs to be resolved in order to fix the problem.

Can windows updates fix blue screens?

Blue Screen of Death
Windows 10 Error code

From my own experience, it is possible to fix blue screens by actually running Windows updates which can be found under your settings menu or control panel, the reason why this works is that you can download new firmware updates or device drivers that can prevent or fix blue screens, if your computer still boots up and you are able to login to your desktop run some windows updates until there are no more found and hopefully the errors will go away.

Blue screen loops are very frustrating, they happen when your computer continues to reboot and it enters a loop, before you see the Windows log hit the F8 (Function 8) on your keyboard until you get a menu option, from here you can start a system recovery.

Blue screen of death during scheduled Windows Update

To fix this problem, you can actually use an automated software tool to scan through the registry database and fix all the settings that are causing the errors on your PC. You can use ‘registry cleaners’ to automatically scan through the registry database and remove any of the damaged or corrupted files that are inside it. These tools are used widely throughout the World and work to fix all the settings that cause the blue screen error. If you get a good registry tool, it could stop the blue screens of death on your PC for good.

Download the Windows Registry Checker:

“Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart” can be fixed with the Windows Registry Checker, this tool is free and is provided by Microsoft.

Windows Update Virus
Malware Windows Blue Screen

Windows won’t start after windows update ca also be caused by Malware that made it into your computer, Spyware or Adaware, this can be solved by downloading the Windows Malicious Removal tool and also by using Antivirus Software, please do not use more than one antivirus tools at the same time as they will cause issues, most likely a registry repair will solve these errors, it is also possible to backup your registry to prevent future issues.

How to fix blue screen errors:

Restart Into Safe Mode
Use A Registry Cleaner
Restore your Windows Registry

The initial step is to restart your computer into safe mode. This is done because it helps make sure that your PC can read the various settings that it will use inside, and is continually being used to help ensure Microsoft systems are running correctly with their hardware. We’ve found one of the best ways to tell if your PC has hardware or software problems is to use safe mode, as demonstrated below:

Restart your PC
Press F8 continually before Windows loads
Select “Safe Mode”
Use your PC as normally as possible
Clean Out The Registry

The next step is to clean out the registry of your PC. This is one of the biggest causes of blue screen errors due to the way that your computer will not be able to process the important registry settings on your system. The registry is where Windows stores settings including the likes of your most recent emails, Desktop icons and even your stored login information – which makes it a very important part of your PC. If you’re experiencing problems with the registry, all sorts of issues can ensue, including the likes of having Windows running slower, and causing blue screen errors

What causes blue screens and how to stop them

Programs That Cause The Blue Screen Error – Most computers get this error when you are using a specific program. This is a common problem because computer programs are so complex that they can easily develop errors which are so bad that Windows has no choice but to show the blue screen error. To fix this problem, you need to note which program is causing the error and then reinstall that program. This is done by clicking on Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove programs and then uninstalling the program. You should then download it again or reinstall it off the original installation disk.

Random Blue Screens Of Death – Many computers show random blue screen errors which seem to bare no correlation or pattern. If you’re seeing this, then it’s likely caused by Windows itself, and more specifically – a part of Windows called the ‘registry’. The registry is a storage database which keeps all the settings for Windows & other software on your computer. Every time you use your computer, it’s forever opening 100’s of registry files to help it run, and this can lead to the blue screen error.

Backing up your Documents, Photos and Music folders

1. Open your DVD burner. There’s usually a button on the outside you can press to open it. Place the disk in the burner. The side you will burn onto should be face down. Close the burner, again using the same button you used to open it.

2. A box should pop up on your screen with a variety of choices. Click once on the choice that says “Open Writable DVD Folder Using Windows File Explorer.” (There’s a picture of a yellow folder next to it.) Your choice should turn blue. Click OK.

3. A box opens up representing the empty DVD you want to burn. Now take your mouse pointer and place it on the top blue border of this box. Press and hold (don’t click) with your left mouse button, and drag the box down into the lower right hand corner of your screen.

4. Locate your My Documents folder on the computer Desktop. If this folder isn’t on the desktop, you should put it there for convenience sake. See the tip How to Put a Shortcut on your Desktop.

5. Now simply press on the folder with your left mouse button and drag the folder onto the empty box representing your disk in the lower right corner. You should see the contents of your folder being copied over. If you get a box asking if you want to copy “Thumbs” files, you can say “Yes” or “Skip.” It’s your choice. These files aren’t important, trust me but if you feel that you need to back them up then go ahead. You can also check the box to repeat your answer for each of these files to save time.

6. When the folder is completely copied to your disk box, click on “Write these Files to DVD” on the left hand side of the box. A “menu” pops up.

7. Click Next in the wizard (Enter the disk label) Wait for the DVD to burn. You’ll see a green line progress across the screen.

8. When the disk is done, it should pop out of its drive, and you can click on Finish in the wizard. Label your CD with a Sharpie or other felt-tip pen, and you’re all backed up!

Another good option to backup your Documents, Photos and Music is to use One Drive, this is a Cloud Storage system that is part of your Microsoft Office 365 license which allows you to store files and download them using your Microsoft account.

Microsoft OneDrive:

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