Frustrating double SSD issue


Hi, so i’ve been attempting to install a second M2 Nvme SSD into my system. It is a samsung 860 EVO. I currently am using a 256 GB PNY CS3030 M2 nvme SSD as my boot drive and a 7200 WD Blue 1tb HDD as a storage drive. My boot SSD is installed in M2_2 Slot. I have one other slot on my motherboard and that is M2_1. Whether i put the 860 in m2_1 or M2_2 i cannot get past the opening splash screen. Screen reads ” Overclock 19%. Press f2 or delete to enter BIOS” I will smash f2 and or delete in many ways slow and fast and nothing. The moment I remove the 960 from either port I can boot back into the bios and or windows. So it seems the second ssd in either slot is triggering this lock down of the splash screen. I dont think its a bad SSD because if it were wouldnt I just boot to bios with the PNY installed and just get an eroor or it not be read when i go to check on it. I was maybe thinking installing them to RIAD. But if i cant get into bios with both SSDs installed it aint gna…

Frustrating double SSD issue Number