Gaming Laptop is overheating and dropping FPS


I bought a Predator Helios 300 back in summer of 2018 and it ran great up until last may, had to buy a new hard drive cause it fried somehow. Ever since then my computer slowly got worse and I had to recently get another new hard drive because it suddenly stopped being detected on any computer. Only changes I’ve made to my laptop is that I’ve added a 2TB Seagate Barracuda sata hard drive, I cleaned the fans a few times, and I’ve upped the amount of ram my computer has from 8 to 16. I’ve recently applied new thermal paste to the gpu and cpu but have still been over heating, even hotter now actually hitting 215 degrees F, or about 95 C Gpu hits about 140 F or about 66 Celsius I’m lost in what is wrong and I don’t have the funds to spend on my laptop anymore. I need to find a solution to this, im trying to save for an actual desktop but this is all I have for both gaming and work. Number