Getting Printer Ink Stains Out Of Your Carpet


Printer Ink Stains

Have you ever had printer ink or toner spill on your clothes or a carpet? Or have you ever gotten toner all over your hands? If you are computer or printer service technician this has probably happened to you several times, here I will share with you a few tips to help you clear that printer ink or toner off your carpet and fabrics.

Your printer is an asset that allows you to print so many documents in black and white and also in color. But the cartridge of the printer can be a cause of concern when you cause a spill of the ink while handling it. You can spill the ink on your hands or other body parts or even on your clothing. Also, when people who do not have experience or are certified to handle printers and copiers can cause damage to the toner cartridges, causing potential toner spillage in the office carpet, clothes and their hands.

The stains from the printer ink can be a hassle as these stains are very obdurate and hard to remove, especially from fabrics. If you are careful and alert, you can prevent these stains from becoming permanent. Otherwise, these stains can become permanent. The most important thing to remember is to always wear gloves, most printer maintenance kits include a pair of gloves for the copier service technician to use.

As soon as you spill ink over a piece of clothing, take out a blotting paper and absorb excess ink into this blotting paper. This step cannot be performed once the stain has set in or much time has elapsed. If some time has elapsed, you have to use a vacuum cleaner to suck away dried ink. If you manage to vacuum the toner or printer ink off the carpet you’ll have a better chance of completely removing the stain, specially if it’s printer toner as it is dry and it can easily be vacuumed, if you spill printer ink you’ll need to apply cleaning chemicals quickly before it adheres to the carpet or your clothes, the faster you clean it the better.

If you have toner in your hands or any other body part, just wash the ink away usingĀ  soap and water, you may have to wash the and rinse them several times before the stain goes away, do not touch your face or eyes while you do that.

Toner Spilled on Copier and Office Carpet

Printer Toner Spilled
Spilled Toner on Copier

Spray a hair spray over the stained garment. Wash the fabric or garment after 24 hours to get rid of the ink which is another trick that is used however it is difficult to have this available but soap and water will also do the trick.

If you wash the cloth or garment with cold water and chlorine bleach quickly after the ink has spilled, you can remove the ink from the surface of the fabric, this has to be done quickly since printer ink tends to dry fast and it will be very hard to remove if the clothes aren’t washed right away.

Time is of essence to remove ink in this fashion. Remember to use only cold water as hot water can instead cause setting in of the ink. If the garment is not white but colored, it is better to remove ink using sudsy ammonia. If for any reason there is still ink on your shirts or pants do not dry them right away, instead wash them again until the stain goes away and air dry it so that the dryer does not cause any more damage.

Sprinkle talcum powder on the part of the garment that has been stained by ink. Remove the powder and then wash the garment using cold water and soap, this works well too in carpets.

Preventing instead of cleaning printer ink orĀ toner

The bottom line is, you have to learn how to prevent this situations from happening, as this is a common issue in the office. Make sure that no one else provides any kind of service to your office or home printers or copiers, always have a certified person service them, also always buy OEM quality toners from the manufacture like HP and do not buy lower quality toner cartridges that might spill in the future and cause issues.

HP Toner
Buy HP Toner

Also, if you notice toner leaking outside of the printer, replace it immediately and do not wait until it spills more as it can not only damage your clothes and carpets but it can also damage your expensive printer. Number