Getting The Most Out Of Your Inkjet Printer


Laser printers are very popular now a days, people use them a lot, specially in corporations where the print volume is high, these printers are usually more expensive than inkjet printers and the cost per page is very low, however there is still a big market for inkjet printers and today I am going to share several tips to get the most out of your inkjet printers.

Why do people still use inkjet printers?

The answer is very simple, these printers are way cheaper than laser printers and the cost of entry is very low, these printers usually retail under $100 dollars and the ink for them is relatively cheap if you will not be printing a lot, these printers are very popular in local retail stores and they can be a solution for students or people who only need to print a page or two a day, this is the biggest reason why people buy them and today I am going to share with you several tips to get the most out of them.

What Printers Have Cheaper Ink

Buying a printer is an easy task and most people go in for an ink jet printer as they find them convenient for printing and also within their budget. It is only when they end up paying many times more than their price for replenishing ink in their cartridges do they realize their folly. People overlook this recurrent expense while buying a new printer and rue their decision later on. To buy a printer that is most economical in the long run, you need to look at the cost of the ink supplied by the company in addition to your use of the printer. One thing you must bear in mind is that the cheaper the price of a printer, the more expensive is its ink.

In general, Kodak is the company that tries to keep the price of its ink refills down and much less than other companies. On this front, HP and Brother come next with their inks being average in price. Dell and some models of Canon printers are the costliest in terms of their refill ink cartridges. However, these are only a few of the companies making printers and it could be overwhelming for you to decide in favor of a particular company to save on your money in the long run.

Divide the price of the refill with the page yield claimed by the vendor to arrive at the cost per page of printing. Do your math before buying the printer so that you buy a printer that costs less in the long run. It is no use going in for the cheapest printer to save your money up front. You will end up paying far more than you pay when you buy an expensive printer as you find the refill cartridges of the expensive printer much cheaper.

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How To Prevent Printer Ink From Drying

Remember the times when your ink pens used to dry up when you were a student? The same thing happens with ink jet printers when you are peeved at the quality of prints coming out of it that look faded or they contain streaked lines. If you make infrequent use of your printer and take a printout only once in a while, you must have faced this problem of printer ink drying up. Do the ink cartridges dry up or is it the printer head that becomes clogged? Try out some of these tips to increase the life of your ink cartridges.

1. Your car mechanic tells you to take out your car for a drive every once in a while to prevent it from causing trouble while trying to start. The same thing happens with your printer and you must take a printout once every alternate day to keep it working smoothly.

2. Take out the cartridge from the printer, place it inside a plastic bag and seal it. Now place the bag in water and heat it so that the clogging is gone. If the printer starts to print properly, you have saved your hard earned money.

3. If you are not going to use the printer for some time, take the cartridge out and place it in a vacuum bag like the one it arrived in and take it out from this bag only when you want to print a paper.

4. Use a laminating machine to laminate the printer so that the ink does not dry up if it is not going to be used for a long period of time.

5. Cover the ink cartridge with insulation tape. Alternatively, you can place the cartridge inside a plastic container that is airtight just like those that you use to store food items.

How To Get Printer Ink Stains Out

Your printer is an asset that allows you to print so many documents in black and white and also in color. But the cartridge of the printer can be a cause of concern when you cause a spill of the ink while handling it. You can spill the ink on your hands or other body parts or even on your clothing. The stains from the printer ink can be a hassle as these stains are very obdurate and hard to remove, especially from fabrics. If you are careful and alert, you can prevent these stains from becoming permanent. Otherwise, these stains can become permanent.

• As soon as you spill ink over a piece of clothing, take out a blotting paper and absorb excess ink into this blotting paper. This step cannot be performed once the stain has set in or much time has elapsed. If some time has elapsed, you have to use a vacuum cleaner to suck away dried ink.

• If you have soiled your hands or any other body part, just wash the ink away using a gritty soap.

• Spray a hair spray over the stained garment. Wash the fabric or garment after 24 hours to get rid of the ink.

• If you wash the cloth or garment with cold water and chlorine bleach quickly after the ink has spilled, you can remove the ink from the surface of the fabric. Time is of essence to remove ink in this fashion. Remember to use only cold water as hot water can instead cause setting in of the ink. If the garment is not white but colored, it is better to remove ink using sudsy ammonia.

• Sprinkle talcum powder on the part of the garment that has been stained by ink. Remove the powder and then wash the garment using cold water and soap.

Can You Buy Glitter Ink?

Every now and then, you must have come across text on paper and fabrics (mostly T-shirts) that glitters. This is because the graphics created on these surfaces have made use of a special ink called glitter ink. The major purpose of using glitter ink is to make a particular space or text stand out from the rest of the design. It is also used for decorative purposes. These inks are fast becoming popular in the world of custom made T-shirts where they are used to create special effects on these garments.

There is a unique glint in glitter inks as they contain golden and silvery squares and rectangles that remain within the ink and impart a unique sheen. If you have a part of a design or graphic that you want to stand out from the rest of the design or just accentuate it, you can make very good use of glitter ink. These inks have found a special use in creating attractive logo designs. There are many different colors and their shades available among these glitter inks and you can choose the color according to your requirements. The glitter materials in glitter inks are produced in US, Japan, China, and a few more countries. There are glitter inks in the market that have excellent opacity and brightness. You can use them for making handmade greeting cards or for screen printing on fabrics.

If you thought that you would have to make your own glitter ink by adding glitter to a base ink, forget it. Today you can buy glitter ink ready to be used on different surfaces in every imaginable color from the market. Internet is the best source for glitter ink as you can not only compare the shades and features but also prices of these inks before buying. Number