How To Install Hardware Drivers On Your Windows 10 Laptop


HP ProBook 440 G5

As a tech support tech one of the most common tasks that you need to complete is installing device drivers on your clients laptops and desktops, hardware drivers have been around since I started working with computers, no matter if it was Windows 3.1 or Windows 98, all computers needed hardware drivers, even now Windows 10 will require drivers even though they do a great job installing most of them, sooner or later you will get to the point where you will need to go to the hardware vendor and install drivers.

If you have done it in the past it can be pretty to install drivers but if this is your first time I will show you step by step identifying what drivers need to be installed on your Windows 10 laptop and I will show you how to install it. Now depending on the type of driver that you need to install you may need to download the drivers from an alternate computer assuming that you cannot connect to the Internet from your computer, if you do have Internet Access then you should be able to download the drivers directly from the computer that you are working on.

Now it is worth mentioning that installing drivers is something that has to be done carefully because it is possible to cause hardware failure on your computer, if you do not feel confident you might want to consider calling a professional to help you get the proper drivers installed on your computer, however if you want to invest the time and learn how to download and install the proper drivers on your computer then continue to read and watch the full video to learn how to get your drivers installed.

Here is a list of the top 4 computer companies where you most likely need drivers from, all you will need is your computer’s model number and version of your operating system and you can start downloading drivers right now, just make sure that you know which driver you specifically need:

  1. Dell Support
  2. HP SupportĀ 
  3. Lenovo Support
  4. Microsoft Support

Easy way to install Windows drivers on your laptop

As you can see, installing drivers is very easy and the benefits of having properly working devices on your computer are great, not only will this allow your hardware to be up to date but also will prevent future issues! If this post was useful to you please share it with friends and family and come back soon for more computer repair tips and tricks. Number