How to Protect your Computers Against a Power Surge


Computer battery backups come in all shapes and sizes, there are many brands out there like APC, Cyberpower and Trip Lite, these BBU’s are manufactured for different purpose like printers, desktop computers and even servers, they also are design to resolve certain problems and to provide different solutions depending on the level of protection that you need for your personal needs or business.

Computers now a days can be very, very expensive. You buy your computer equipment not only because you want to have gadgets but also because you have important information, photos a d picture that you want to keep and protect. Knowing what to do to protect your gadgets and your data is something that are going up discuss today, not only do you want to keep your hardware running for a long time but you always want to protect your data. In this article we’re going to help you pick the right devices to protect your computer and also were going to show you how to backup your documents, music and pictures and we will take a look at some of the most popular battery backup units.

One of the most popular brands of battery backups is APC, they provide a wide range of surge protectors that can keep your computers running even if there are power fluctuations, one of the most popular models is the BE425M and this battery backup provides 6 outlets that will provide power and surge protection against power, this specific model 225W of power and it costs around $50, as you can see this is a small investment compared to the option of losing your computer and all of your personal data.

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APC BE425M Back-UPS 6-Outlet Surge Protector

So let’s first talk about what you are going to be needing to protect your electronics against a power surge, as you may or may not know, some power outlets already have some kind of protection against power surges, this is just very basic protection a d what you will also want is a battery backup unit, this will not only protect you against a power surge, but it’s also going to protect you against data loss, the reason is because having a battery will allow you to have a few minutes for you to save your documents and shut down your computer, there are many models, type and there are different models a d prices, below I’m going up give you the ones that I recommend to all of my customers and where to get them.

Let’s take a look at an example scenario where power is lost in a Corporate environment, server battery backups kick in and most users get disconnected from the network, if their workstations were protected against a power surge, their BBU’s should start beeping meaning that they have a few minutes to save their documents and power off their computers, as bad as all of this may sound, this is the best scenario where users were able to properly power off their laptops and desktops, however in a lot of cases this does not happen and the employees lose their data because when the power goes out, their computer simply shut down and they do not have enough time to save their documents, this is a big issue and this is where a small investment can save you a lot of headaches. Now, in a home office case or when using your personal computer the situation is just as important, you need surge protection and you need a battery backup to protect yourself in case this happens.

Now that you have a good idea on which BBU to pick, it’s time to get you a plan to protect your data against a power outage, I always recommend that people have at least one way of backing up their files, I prefer to have a cloud backup solution and also a hard drive that is secure, this will save you a lot of headaches if for any reason you lost your hard drive. You have no idea just how many times I have seen people have their hard drive fail and they never had a backup before, there are great solutions out there for cloud storage like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, both of these services allow you to upload your files to the Cloud and store them for free or for a small monthly fee, this is a great idea because if your computer was to fail or your hard drive stopped working, you would be able to recover your files in a very quick manner of time.

Another great option if you would like a local copy of your Documents is to backup to an external hard drive, if you are a person who only creates Documents and only stores pictures a few times a week I recommend that you backup at least once a month, if you are a person who is constantly creating Spreadsheets and generating data on daily basis I recommend that you backup once a week, having a copy of your data is a great way of securing your information and also being able to restore in the even that your computer failed.

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WD My Book External Hard Drive

Before we get there though, I am going to answer the question of how to get your files out of your computer if it will not power anymore, this can be a bit of a complicated task but it is possible to recover your files even if your computer stops working and does. It power back on, there are a few things that you can do, here i’m going to show you how to recover your files even if your computer is lifeless.

It is a good idea to mention that these tips do not just apply to a desktop, laptops are need power protection even though they have a built in battery, on top of ghat you want to protect your monitors and printers against a power surge as well!

Ok, so in the event that your laptop or desktop stopped working and you want to get your files out, there are a couple of things that you can do, if the computer still powers on but it will not boot to Windows you can create a Linux Ubuntu live CD or DVD and boot to that, once you are in the system you should be able to see the files on your hard drive and move them to your external hard drive, another method of retrieving your files in the even of a system failure due to a power surge is to remove your SATA hard drive and use a SATA to USB adapter like the one below and connect it to another computer and move the files that way, both of these methods have worked for me great in the past and they are an easy way of recovering your files, you can buy the adapter in the link below for a low price and it will be a great way of ensuring that you can recover your important files in the even that your computer crashed.

You can buy a StarTech USB to SATA adapter below, highly recommended tool.

StarTech USB 2.0 to SATA IDE Adapter

Hope this help you protect your computers and electronics, always remember that you spend your hard earned money on these devices and protecting them, backing up your data and knowing how to restore your files will allow you to have your important files available to you for a long, long time. Number