Mother board issue?


I just built a brand new pc and it doesn’t turn. It’s my first time building a pc and I’m confused on why it doesn’t turn on.
The specs are: i3 10100, rx 5600xt, msi b460m pro, aresgame 650w 80+ bronze, corsair 100R case, 500gb m.2ssd+1tb hard drive. 16gb t-force vulcan z 3000mhz,cooler master hyper 212 evo cpu cooler.
The power supply came with an inspection tool, I used the inspection tool with the power supply and the fans started spinning from the power supply and the case fans that were directly connected to the power supply. So it seems like the power supply worked fine. But when I try to turn on the pc nothing turns on. The power supply doesn’t start spinning and the same with the case fans like they did when using the inspection tool. The cpu cooler or gpu fans doesn’t start spinning, the led lights on the power on button on the case doesn’t light up either. It seems like the system isn’t getting power. What is the issue here? Would it be the motherboard since the ez debug…

Mother board issue? Number