Need a new laptop? Check out the HP ProBook 440 G5


HP ProBook 440 G5
A powerful HP laptop

As much as I enjoy working on laptops and notebooks and keeping them running for a long time, some times it gets to the point where your computer is simply not performing to your standards, when you notice that you are spending way too much time booting up and you upgrade and replace parts and yet it is not giving you the performance that you want it might be a time to upgrade your laptop, today I would like to share with you HP’s new ProBook 440, this
powerful 8th generation laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor will give you all of the power you need to perform that tasks in your to do list.

HP ProBook 440 g5 Review and Specs

This notebook comes loaded with 16 GB or RAM and a beautiful LED HD screen that will allow you to play high definition movies as you multi task and get your work done! Need to start a Skype meeting? No problem, the built in webcam will allow you to start your video calls and the excellent graphics card will allow you to share your screen and provide excellent video feedback! No complaints about it’s built in microphone and speakers because they sound great and people will have no troubles hearing what you need to say.

Once you are done working, you can connect your Bluetooth speakers and enjoy the amazing Windows 10 Pro version, 64 bit of course! One of my favorite specifications about the laptop is the perfect size screen, at 14″ you are going to be able to work on your spreadsheets and documents with no issues at all, overall this powerful computer beautiful and powerful and you get all of this for under a thousand dollars.

HP ProBook 440 g5 Price – Where can I get one?

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HP ProBook 440 G5 Laptop Review

There are many places online where you can get the HP ProBook 440 and they all range from $1,200 to about $1,000, this is a great price for the kind of specs that you are getting and trust me, this laptop is well worth it, this is a high end computer and you will benefit a lot from the speed and power, now if you are like me, I hate paying the highest price out there, I am always looking for a great deal and I am happy to share that you can get this amazing HP laptop for $849 dollars, that is right, this is a great price for such a beautiful and powerful computer.

If you want to take advantage of this great deal, check out the link below where you will find more specs and more information about it:

HP ProBook 440 i7-8550 16GB 256SSD FHD 14 Laptop

So what is the current configuration for the HP ProBook 440 G5

Other than the laptop having a built in USB C port one thing to note is just how light and thin it is, this computer fits on most laptop bags and it is very, very light to carry around, on top of that the keyboard is very easy to type on and the keyboard configuration works perfectly for most needs, no matter if you are a writer or a person who spends a lot of hours on the Internet, you are going to get many hours of battery time and use with no issues, the screen is very easy on the eyes as well and the laptop is very durable.

This HP laptop also offers a beautiful display that will give you beautiful colors and sharp images with a resolution of 1920×1080, this LED screen is simply stunning and it runs the HD Graphics 620 driver, you will be able to enjoy HD content at excellent frame rates. Not to mention video games, even though this is not technically a gaming laptop, the picture quality will allow you to run a lot of your favorite games without spending the amount of money that buying a gaming laptop requires, over all this is a well rounded laptop that is affordable and powerful.

Where can you get a Refurbished HP ProBook 440 G5?

Answer is maybe and it depends, while I am sure there are many places out there that will sell you a refurbished HP Probook 440 I honestly would not recommend that you do that, in some cases it is a good option to buy a refurbished laptop since you can save some money, if you are a person on a low budget and you need a basic laptop to brow the web and watch a few Youtube videos then buying a refurbished laptop is a good option, however when it comes the time to buy a GOOD laptop you might want to save up or make the investment in yourself and get a good quality, brand new computer. At the end of the day it is up to you but I would say that if you want the warranty and support that comes with a new computer I would buy one, if you are still interested in a refurbished computer I recommend that you check out TigerDirect, you can find great deals on factory refurbished HP laptops and notebooks.

HP Laptops New and Powerful

As you can see, HP truly delivers in power and great aesthetics when it comes to the HP ProBook, no matter if you are a person of business or a student, if you are willing to spend a little bit of money without paying the premium price of a Mac or a business class Dell, the HP PoBook will take care of your needs for performance and a great design, on top of that, Windows 10 provides an excellent user interface which makes it very easy to use and be very productive, Windows 10 Pro will allow you to use this computer and benefit from it’s easy to use Interface, as you know, a lot of people tend to wait to get a new laptop when their OS needs to be refreshed, in this case it is a great idea, specially if you come from the Windows 7 world the experience is much, much better! Plus the Microsoft App store allows you to download applications and try them without spending any money, over all this is a great laptop at a wonderful price! Number