New RTX 3060 Ti gives no signal.


Please read carefully!

I installed a new RTX 3060 Ti by MSI Gaming X Trio in my system. When I turn it on, it gives no display signal, the monitor just stays black. Here is what I’ve tried:

  • Monitor is 100% OK (tested with ps4)
  • PSU is 100% OK (swapped 550 with new 750 watts) (RM750x)
  • Drives are 100% OK (disconnected all SATA cables and used a bootable ISO of Windows)
  • GPU is 100% itself (tried on friend’s system, (shares the same MOBO and CPU)) (B450 + R5 2600)
  • Tried using HDMI cables as the DP cable might be broken: still no signal from both.

I am planning to buy a new motherboard but what if it still doesn’t work.
PS: Money is not in abundance. Number