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Learn how to repair, maintain and upgrade your Windows laptop and desktop computers for free with our tutorials.

Plum Computer Repair was created to help our visitors with their computer repair issues, I am computer tech with many years of experience and here I am going to show you easy ways that you can fix your computer for free, every week I am going to be posting information that is easy to follow with pictures that will allow you to keep your computer running without paying anyone a lot of money, our free tutorials will show you step by step ways that you can resolve any Windows issues, I will also show you how to upgrade your computer and get rid of Viruses.

Why is it important to repair and maintain your computer?

As you can see, maintaining a computer is not always that easy, there are many things that can go wrong with your computer and your computer is always at risk of hardware or software failure, it is extremely important that we keep our computers up to date and it is very important to replace any defective parts that our computer has, when you think about it, our entire lives usually live in our laptops or desktops and you do not want to lose any of your data. This is the main reason why I have built this website to teach you how to do your own repairs at home without having to call anyone or any companies out there that will charge you a ton of money.

How can Plum Computer Repair help you?

Plum Computer Repair
Plum Computer Repair

Plum Computer Repair offers many tutorials for free that will help you with all of your technology needs, we not only focus on Windows computers but we will also help you troubleshoot printer errors, smartphones and tablets, also we are going to teach you how to pick the best computers on the market with our reviews and we will recommend the best software to get rid of viruses, malware and spyware, our mission is to make it very easy for you to keep your computer running for a long time without spending money on a new computer.

What are the most common computer issues?

Your computers have several ways that they can fail, if you own a laptop, desktop or tablet you probably know what the most common computer issues are, usually computer Malware and Spyware are on the top of the list, Viruses are also up there but for the most part these can cause a lot of problems even though we have good antivirus software that keeps an eye on your computer, second on the list are hard drive failures and mother board issues, all of these can cause your entire system to fail and not boot up any more, one last on the list are Windows blue screens, these happen when a critical device fails and Windows stops responding, these are popular on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10, one of the main goals of our website is to teach you ow to fix all of these issues and also how to prevent them.

Why did I build this computer repair website?

Many people wonder why did I build this computer repair website instead of charging my customers hefty fees for my computer repair services and the answer is very simple, I want to help people out there with their computer issues, all of the tutorials here are completely free and they can be found in the Articles section, every article posted here has the intention of helping my visitors resolve their technology issues at no cost, also if you have a question that you would to have answered here feel free to use the Contact us button and we will get back to you as soon as possible, it feels good to be able to help people out there and be able to contribute with this free information to the world, if you would like to contribute and have your own tutorials posted here feel free to send them to us via email as well. Number