Problem with a dell 5 pin power switch.


Hello i have bought a dell optiplex and moved its components to a new case, and stupidly i never even turned it on before hand. I instantly went for the move. So at the moment the only way to power on the PC is to press the switch on the power supply, the computer instantly starts and after turning it off i need to switch the power supply switch back to off then to on to power it again. The case came with the standard 2 pin switches but the dell mother board has a 5 pin power switch connector. This is the board that i am working with. So after making research i have found out which 2 pins out of the 5 are for power i spliced the power switch from the case to the original MB wire and it still doesn’t power on. The screw driver trick also doesnt work, power supply way only works. I checked the pins with my multi meter if it gets power and i get a…

Problem with a dell 5 pin power switch. Number