Ryzen 4000/5000



So we are a day away from the Ryzen 4000/5000 announcements. What are we going to see?

I think this is going to crush the last gen. Even if it’s only thanks to the l3 cache making gaming a huge benefactor of the new hardware. We, seemingly, can expect higher single core speeds as well… It should exceed the Intel gaming chips that currently beat it in single core speeds. We’ve already seen a lot of gaming benchmark records (with liquid nitrogen) using Ryzen.

But this is what competition breeds in a capitalist environment. So hopefully they can take Zen 2 and crush it with Zen 3… ?

I am building a new PC, personally. I was going for a 3600x, but I held off for a 4600/5600x. Guess we will see in a day or so. I’m pumped!

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