Should you turn off your laptop while it is running Windows Updates?


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No matter if you have Windows 7 or Windows 10, running updates is very important to keep your computer running smoothly and with no errors, Windows Updates allows your computer to ping back to the Microsoft servers and find available updates for your computer, there are many updates that come to your computer like Security Patches, Microsoft Office improvements and hardware fixes, there are all kinds of computer users now a days and some people have laptops, others have desktops and even tablets, when it comes to a desktop there are usually no issues because the updates run in the background while the computer is being used, even if the computer goes to sleep, Windows updates will continue to run, in the case of a tablet the answer is the same, Windows updates will run no matter if the screen is off, for example the Microsoft Surface is considered an hybrid, this device is a laptop and it is also a tablet and technically the Surface is on all the time.

So what happens when you turn off your laptop while running Windows Updates?

As many laptop users report, sometimes you run out of batteries while your laptop is running updates and it shuts off, there is not always time to run and plug it in to the wall and in that case, your laptop might turn off, in other cases, when Windows Updates run and the laptop freezes or gets stuck in a certain number you wonder if you should press the power button and force it to power off.

In general, forcing a laptop or tablet to shut off while it is running it’s updates is a bad idea, a lot of information is being written on the hard drive and you do not want to corrupt it by cutting power to the mother board, what I recommend is that you have patience and wait until the updates complete, as you may already notice there is usually a big warning that is displayed on the screen that tells you to not power off the computer, if you do decide to power off the computer you run into the risk of corrupting your Windows installation and having to do a fresh install of your Operating System.

One way of being able to stop updates safely is to let Windows download them first, it is very easy to do this and all you need to do is go to your Windows settings and do a search for updates, you will find options that will allow  you to schedule your updates, the best way to do this is by scheduling them to run at night while the computer screen is off, this process may take a few hours to complete but you will not be tempted to turn off the laptop since you will not be using it.  In general, you do not want to run the risk and if possible you want it to finish updating your Windows fully.

Windows Updates
Don’t Turn Off Your Computer

Windows Updates corrupted my Operating System install, how do I fix it?

Unfortunately getting your Windows installation corrupted or damaged happens to a lot of people, stopping Windows Updates is one common reason but there are other reasons why this happens, most computers will allow you to re-install your Operating System but if your laptop or desktop computer is out of warranty you may have to purchase a license of Windows, please do not be tempted to download an Illegal copy of Windows because you are going to end up wasting your time and you could potentially lose all of your personal files, documents and pictures, if your computer is out of support I recommend that you buy an OEM copy of Windows, the install is very easy and you will have your computer working in no time without having to buy a brand new computer for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, below you can see a legitimate copy of Windows for it’s current price, trust me it is worth the money and you will be able to run Windows updates without worrying about it being a bad copy, plus the best part is that you now own this copy of the OS for life. Good luck with your computer, if you need more help with this topic feel free to leave a comment. Number