Storage does not look normal


So I bought a new power supply and hooked up everything incorrectly as I was using the original cables on the old power supply. This caused many problems. After I rectified this, I was able boot my system to find that I did not have any of my storage devices other than my M.2 drives shown on the windows explorer/disk management.
Some background on my drive config – I have 5 drives total – 3 of the 5 drives are SATA SSDs and the other 2 are M.2 SSDs. The 2nd M.2 is the newest addition that was installed during my power supply rework as mentioned above. 2 of the 3 SATA SSDs are in RAID 0 and I do not remember which port went to which on the motherboard prior to me changing my power supply.

My motherboard is an z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming WIFI –

970 Pro – 512
970 Evo Plus – 1TB (The new one)
2 x 860 Evo – 500 each (both in raid)
1 x 860 Evo – 500 – does not even show up on my system – nor in bios

Here is a picture of what I see on file explorer-

Storage does not look normal Number