Upgrading Your Desktop RAM (The Easy Way)



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Adding more memory to your computer can greatly improve it’s performance, learn how to add more Random Access Memory to your Windows Computer here.

Most of us now a days have multiple devices like a Laptop, tablet or a smart phones, there are many ways to get to the Internet and some times there is no need to use your Desktop computer, if you notices, through out the years your computer tends to get slower and slower and sometimes you feel there is a need to stop using it or get a new one, today I am going to show you a quick and easy way to add more RAM to your Desktop computer and bring it back to life, one of the main reasons people use a desktop computer is because how comfortable is to sit down in a desk with a full size keyboard and pay your bills, do your taxes or write a document, there is still a big need for a Desktop computer and I am going to show you in very easy steps how to add more memory to it.

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Here are 3 reasons why you want to add more RAM.

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1. Adding more RAM will improve the load time of your Windows applications
2. More RAM will speed up boot times and will allow more services to run in the background
3. 64 Bit Windows computers will get full uses of the system resources and memory, this will allow for faster web browsing and will allow for more programs to run at the same time.

Follow these steps to add more RAM to your computer, if you do not know what type of RAM you need you can use the Crucial Tool to determine that, it can be found here:


Now that you know what type of RAM you need, you can head over to Newegg and purchase memory there, I have been buying computer hardware here for years and it is always a good reliable website.

First step, locate your Desktop side panel and remove it, this will give you access to the electronic components, make sure that the computer is powered o and the power cable has been removed, do not do this while the computer is powered on.

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Once you complete the first step you are going to locate your DDR RAM Slot and carefully remove the memory, you will see two clips that will allow you to pull the memory and install the new one, once you finish you can close your Desktop side panel and boot up your computer, the system will let you know that there is a new amount of RAM and will give you the option to use it.

Upgrading computer RAM

As you can see, adding more memory to your computer is very easy and most people can do this, it is a similar process to do this on a Laptop computer however I am going to be writing a tutorial on how to do this as well, adding more RAM will allow you to keep your computer running for a long time without having to buy a brand new computer, there are other things that you can do as well to improve your system performance but this should give you a good boost, when adding more RAM always remember to buy the right memory for your type of computer and model, there are a lot of places where you can buy memory and included in this post are links to several places that I have used in the past and trust.

What to expect from your computer after you have upgraded your RAM

Adding more memory can greatly improve your overall computer performance, once you have finished upgrading your computer memory you will notice that boot times have decreased greatly, you will also notice that applications appear to load faster and they are more responsive, on top of that you will notice a huge improvement when running multiple applications at the same time, multi tasking is a big deal in Windows and having a couple of gigs of RAM is simply not going to work, you will be very, very happy that you added more memory to your computer and you will enjoy doing your work, watching videos and playing games!

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