What causes a hard drive to fill up faster than usual



Full Hard Drive

No matter which version of Microsoft Windows you have there is a very common issue that causes a lot of frustration, let’s say that you just bought a Windows 10 HP laptop or a Dell, you enjoy it for a few weeks and notice that your hard drive starts filling up, you check your Documents folder and Photos and notice that you do not have that much data, yet your hard drive is almost full, today I would like to share a few tips and tricks that will help you stop this issue from happening.

You may actually have a ton of Photos, Videos and Documents

Now, before we get very technical let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why your computer hard drive gets full very fast, sometimes you do not realize that you actually have many gigabytes of data stored in your profile folders, when you include all of your Photos, every single document and videos which use a lot of hard drive space you’ll realize that the 250 GB hard drive that came with your computer is not enough, in this case you may have to upgrade your hard drive or buy an external drive, you can order a Terabyte hard drive online for under a hundred dollars or so.

Are you Syncing your Cloud Services on your new desktop or laptop?

Windows 10 can be a great operating system and it has a ton of features that I really like, one of the features is that you can sync your One Drive and download all of your files and folders from your old computer, other services like Dropbox allow you to do that as well, the issue is that they also use hard drive space and if you restored a backup from an external hard drive and you also sync up your cloud services you may run out of space pretty fast, I usually prefer to restore the files as I need them and that I actually use on my computers, specially if I do not have a lot of hard drive space in the first place.

Your computer could be infected with Malware

Here is the deal, it is very easy to get your computer infected with spyware or Malware, no matter how tech savvy you are or how safe the websites you visit, you can open a link in an email or you can click on a link to a website and your computer could be compromised, if your computer gets infected with malware it is very possible that your hard drive might get filled up, the reason is that because when you get a virus, it downloads a payload which could be several gigabytes, they usually open a backdoor for other nasty applications to infect your computer system, even if you do not have a lot of files stored in your hard drive, having a virus infection could cause your hard drive to fill up, if you have a fairly new computer and suspect and your hard drive continues to fill out I highly recommend that you go to Malwarebytes.com and buy a paid license and scan your computer for viruses immediately, not only do you have to worry about losing your computer and having to pay a tech hundreds of dollars but you could also lose your important pictures, documents and music.

Get rid of Malware

What to do to keep your hard drive clean and how to prevent future hard drive fill ups

One of the most important aspects of using a computer is maintenance, if you bought a smaller hard drive you will likely have to put a little more work into maintaining your computer, if you are using Windows 10 you want to run Windows Updates, this will assure that your computer hardware and operating system is running correctly, sometimes updates do get stuck which makes your hard drive fill up fast as well, running updates will also help you keep your computer system stable, now that you have finished running updates and completed your malware scans it is time to manage your computer files, I personally prefer using an external hard drive to keep my data backed up, I do not always copy every single file onto my computer unless I need it, now if I have a big hard drive and have over 50% free then I do not have a problem copying every fie that I have, also most cloud backup services can be accessed through your web browser and you can download your files on demand, this will keep any old not needed files out of your system.

This information should help you keep your hard drive with enough space to work properly, if you have any other tips that you would like to share please leave them in the comments or send me an email and I will be happy to post them here for you. If you need to buy an external hard drive or would like to upgrade your existing hard drive you can purchase them on Amazon or Tiger directly, make sure you run your malware system scans and you’ll be good to go.

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