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Have you ever notice that when when you start your desktop or laptop your computer fan is very loud? You really do not know if your computer could stop working because of this or if it is something that is normal, the truth of the matter is that computer fans can be loud at times but you want to find out the reason why this is happening and what you can do to prevent this issue from happening again.

Let’s look at how computer fans work and what is considered normal noise

First of all, most computers come equipped with some kind of cooling system, since computers can get very hot it is necessary to add some kind of device that will keep your computer running at a good low temperature, if your computer gets very hot it will likely not work properly and it could even stop responding, this is the reason why computers specially laptops and desktops need a fan to keep proper air flow, other devices like tablets and smartphones do not have a physical fan, they have other hardware that dissipates heat which helps maintain the device cool, more powerful computers and servers require a fan to move air and allow the CPU and the other electronics to work properly. Without the fan your computer would only work for a few minutes and likely stop responding, even though you should be able to hear the fan if you put your ear near the fan intake, it should not be loud enough for you to notice it while using your computer, if you do hear the computer then you’ll need to find the reason why it is so loud and fix the issue, more information regarding that below.

What are the most common reasons why your laptop or desktop fan is loud?

1. Dirty Fan: The most common reason why your computer fan is that loud is very simple, it’s dirty! When you open your laptop or desktop you’ll see dust and other particles that create friction inside of the CPU fan and this causes it to grind, a, easy solution is to buy canned air and clean the intake and the fan itself to remove any particles of dust, now always be careful when doing this, make sure you hold down the fan carefully with your fingers to prevent it from spinning, this could damage and you would likely have to replace it with a new one, make sure that you point the canned air directly into the fan and only air comes out.

2. The computer chassis is dirty: Similar to the above issue, this only applies to the laptop or desktop chassis, I have seen many computers that have not been opened for years and they have been collecting dust, not only is the fan dirty but the entire insides of the computer creating a very difficult environment for the computer fan to spin, canned air will also do the trick however I have always been a fan of using a small electronics vacuum as well to make sure that you are not shooting dirt all over the air, as always make sure that the computer is turned off and disconnected and that there is no battery attached either since you can create static while doing this which can damage your electronic components.

3. Computer Software is causing your fan to be loud: As mentioned above, the purpose of a computer fan is to keep your computer cool, when you think about this, the reason why computers overheat is not because of the weather or your house temperature, the reason is because the data being transmitted created energy that turns into heat, if you have a computer that is used to process large amounts of data, play video games or run process intensive applications your computer fan will start spinning and it can create noise, this is when you have to take a look at the applications or processes that you run and determine if you need to upgrade to a more powerful computer, specially if you are editing video or using it as a server, some applications like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop can also be very graphic intensive causing your computer to run hotter than usual making your computer fan spin and get loud, if your computer is fairly new and you have cleaned the internal components and it is still very loud you may have a computer that is not powerful enough to run your software.

4. Your computer is infected with Malware or Spyware: Finally we get to the point that we already checked our Software and Hardware and everything looks good, you have a new CPU fan and your components have no dust or anything that could create friction and your computer fan is still loud, at this point you realize that not only your computer is running slow and you can tell it is hot but your computer starts to fail and shut down due to a critical system alert, this is when you have to start considering that your computer might be infected with Malware, the reason for this is similar to the above, your computer is transmitting data to the Internet and it is also running many processes that causes your computer to overheat, once you suspect that your computer is infected you want to run Malware and Spyware scans, if you do not own a license of a good antivirus program Windows has some good built in virus scanners that will help you detect your computer and get it cleaned.

Desktop Computer Fan
Desktop Computer Fan

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