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Having a Windows computer can be a wonderful experience, new versions of the operating system like Windows 10 provide an excellent experience for users looking for entertainment and productivity, when you buy a brand new computer usually things run great and you are able to get your work done and you are even to be entertained, how ever there is always a point where your computer is just not the same and that wonderful Windows experience can turn into a nightmare!

In this article, we are going to talk about the top reasons why your computer can run very slow and what to do about it, before I get started I would like to have you take a look and consider checking out Malwarebytes, even though a lot of people think that this is a free application, I highly recommend that you get a paid version which will include all of the features that you will need to keep your computer safe, the main reason that I mention them is because they offer the best protection against Malware and other malicious applications and as much as we love using a computer or laptop that is really fast, having protection is key to keep your data secure.

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Why is browsing the Internet so slow?

A very common issue with Windows computers is that sometimes your web browser becomes very slow, this can happen with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, there are many things that you can do to improve your web browsing speeds but one of the most common issues is that these browsers can have plug-ins added to add features to your web browsing experience, the issue with this is that they usually slow down your Internet speeds and make your computer unusual, to resolve this issue you want to find out what add-ons have been installed and remove them. The same goes for Google Chrome and even Firefox, you can find out which add-ons have been installed and remove them, specially if you do not need any of the extra functionality that the plugins provide.

Now, if you do not have any other add-ons or plug-ins installed and your Internet is still slow there are several things that can cause that, usually a computer that is infected with malware or Spyware will connect to the Internet and download malicious files, these programs can cause your computer to drastically slow down, in this case I highly recommend that you buy a copy of Malwarebytes and run a full scan on your computer.

Full Hard Drive
Full Hard Drive

I upgraded to Windows 10 and my computer is very slow now

When it comes to upgrading to a new version of windows I can be pretty exciting, you have a computer that that you’ve had for a long time, maybe you had it for 3 or 4 years and you’ve been running the original version of Windows and you decide it’s time for you to go ahead and upgrade your operating system and most likely you go online and you purchase a copy of your  operating system you get it in the mail you get your CD or whatever that whatever me to use and you decide to on the operate just to realize up now your computers on the extremely slow.

This can be very frustrating because you basically are expecting your computer be super fast you want to have a computer that has all the features that you need and you’re excited about this but I’m going to tell you something that I to that helps me a lot when it comes to this. I actually use the factory install of Windows on most my computers that are older, the reason for this is because usually when you get the computer you have a computer that was tested by the manufacture that it went through test and they made sure that the computer was supported.

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Under that version and when you go ahead and upgrade to a new version you’re getting a lot of features that your computer processor that came and the  amount of system ram will not support any more, for example of with Windows 10 there’s a lot  animations that play in the background as use a computer there’s a lot of service is the run in the background that could cause issues,  so here’s what I to what are you can do if you run my computers with the version that they came with I usually clean up the computer make sure that it doesn’t have any extra software that I don’t need.

II will use a computer for a long time if I feel the need to get a new version of Windows honestly what I usually do is just wait until it’s time for me to operate the whole computer it might be a bit of an expense but it’s pry worth in and I’ll tell you why because when you buy a computer from a manufacturer say if you get a Dell off topper out Dell desktop there install the software or they tested they make sure it’s a runs wool for the user and they shipping with all the new features and settings Built-in brine until a computer if you install it on your own you.

And find out that your heart worries not fasten off in is not upgrade enough for you to use it so I honestly recommend that you get a new computer every time that you file your computer for long enough where you feel that you could benefit from a faster processor I faster video card more ram yes when you buy a copy of windows only spending $100 million dollars but when you buy a new computer you could get a new tower from that L from through $400 this is a computer.

And it’s gonna have a warranty that’s going to last you for another 45 years so that’s what are you C to if there’s a new version windows II just wait until it’s time for me to upgrade my system maybe else also my old computer father of her money and save money that way too.

I reset my desktop back to factory defaults and now it is very slow

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Computer slow after resetting at to factory default? We’ve talked about this a little better here in this article and one very common for workstations when it comes to computers is at a lot of people will tell you that restoring your computer backed are back to factory defaults is going to make it a little faster and to be honest that can be true at times are you have a computer.

If it’s running slow you have a bunch of software installs then you have a ton of document since all like that and you decide it’s time to go ahead and make up a backup and restored back to factory defaults and that actually works pretty well a lot of times you basically bring back your computer to the way was when you bought it and this helps a bit but there’s a lot of things are you have to remember Wayne you do that you’re essentially bringing back their computer 234 even 5 years back.

in what that means is at any windows updates any security updates any kind of stuff like that is going to be missing so what will happen is you’re going to reset it to back to factory defaults and then as soon as our computer connects to the Internet it’s going to start downloading a bunch of software or firmware updates windows updates it is going to be spending a long time doing this.

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And that can be an issue because a sin as a computer finishing finishes downloading all the stuff you’re going to notice at the computers log in and the reason for that is because I soon as it does at there’s a punch of programs and May get your computer to run really slow again so here’s what you can do in I really really recommend that you do this are you need to start considering operating your computer by upgrading your computer on are necessarily mean going out there buying a brand new computer and spending along money there’s some things that you can do to speed up your computer and upgraded without  spending a ton of money.

The 1st thing you want to do is buy an SSD hard drive that’s a very easy affordable way that you can speed up your computer because and this is the hard drive is going to be way faster than your spinning drive I can be via link below where you can get a hard drive at a very good price there’s essence the hard drives out RA in all 4050 $60 are not that expensive the next thing you want to do is check your motherboard to see if you can add more ram by adding more ram you’re going to ascension the allow more programs around at the same time this is not going to speed up your CPU.

Your processor anything like that but the fact that you have more ram available is going to allow windows to basically run multiple applications more efficient so some are 2 things that you can do to upgrade your computer and not spend a lot of money doing that it’s very affordable your frequent be spending a $100 or so and it’s pretty easy to to the operate Oslo’s I have an available slot in your memory are you should be able to just install it there and then the ssd all you want a deuce clone the hard drive and clone a like.


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